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Pharmaceutical & Food Process

Much like the semiconductor industry, the pharmaceutical and food processing industries are dependent on a process surface that prevents product contamination, deters bacterial growth and is easily cleaned. Both mechanical and electropolishing can provide some or all of these characteristics.

The food processing industry being regulated by the federal government, requires that process contact surfaces be mechanically polished to a 150 grit or better. Fin-Tech currently provides this service for the pipe, tube, and fitting suppliers, fabricators and end users for an array of vessels, pipe spools, fittings, and fabricated mixing devices. In the past, questions have been raised about the ability of mechanically polished surfaces to resist bacterial growth as compared to that of electropolished surfaces. An article in the February 1998 issue of Agricultural Research sites a study by the U.S. Agricultural Research Service (ARS) at the Richard B. Russel Agricultural Research Center in Athens, Georgia. The study found that “Stainless steel that has been electropolished shows
significantly fewer bacterial cells…” (Lee, Jill. “Bacterial Biofilms Less Likely on Electropolished Steel.” AgResearch Mag. Agricultural Research, n.d. Web. 14 June 2017.)

For many of the same reasons the Food Process Industry polishes process surfaces, so does the pharmaceutical industry. Purity is a key factor in this process. For that reason, electropolishing, which provides for an extremely pure microscopic surface, is recommended. Electropolishing can greatly reduce or eliminate the effect known as “rouging” in many pharmaceutical process environments.

Petrochemical Industries

For over 30 years Fin-Tech has been the world leader for metal polishing in the petrochemical process industry. Corporations worldwide have utilized Fin-Tech’s ability to polish equipment and piping of any size and shape in almost any location. Thirty years of petrochemical polishing experience allows Fin-Tech to provide customers with state-of-the-art mechanical and electropolishing techniques. Working with end users, engineering and construction firms, and fabrication facilities, Fin-Tech can provide invaluable input on how to best achieve greater quality and cost effective polishing.

A major advantage Fin-Tech has is the ability to polish, on site, almost any size vessel in almost any configuration.

Some examples of petrochemical field service projects are:

  • Many fabricated vessels in 10’ to 100’ in length have been mechanically polished and electropolished by our field services group at the fabricators facility.
  • Equipment with diameters in excess of 15 feet that cannot be easily transported can be polished at the fabricators facility or in place at the end user’s facility.
  • Weld overlay vessels polished vertically in place during plant turnarounds.
  • Process equipment can be polished as fabrication is completed to expedite project schedule.
  • Spot polishing of previously polished equipment to repair damage or for equipment upgrades.

Nuclear, Biomedical, Pulp & Paper

For industries such as these, a smooth, consistent, nonstick surface is key to their production capabilities. Whether the reduction of fouling or an increased cleaning capability is needed, Fin-Tech’s nonstick application can satisfy all of these industry’s needs.


Since 1978

Since 1978 Fin-Tech, Inc has been the standard in the Electropolishing industry. Early on we put our time and energy into research and development, not only to grow our company, but to grow the industry. The results of that time has brought us to where we are today.

The Customer’s needs are our number one priority here at Fin-Tech. Our promise to you is that we will provide a quality product with the on time delivery that has become the industry standard. Please feel free to contact us and find out why Fin-Tech has been a leader in the Electropolishing industry for almost 40 years.

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