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Electropolishing is the electrochemical removal of microscopic irregularities from the surface of the metal. It results in smoothing of the surface. It has been said that the electropolished surface represents the true metal properties existing under the surface layer which is disturbed by oxidation, heat treating cold working, machining, milling and other surface operations.

As a result of electropolishing, a metal’s surface area is reduced as much as 7-1. The contact surface area is increased, thereby improving heat transfer. The surface roughness is significantly reduced, thus reducing adhesion properties as well as loss due to friction. Corrosion resistance is increased due to a chromium enrichment of the surface and the removal of surface contaminants.

Fin-Tech’s Advanced Electropolishing provides measurable benefits that can effectively impact your bottom line. Increased production capacity in process equipment results from a significant decrease in fouling, plugging, scaling and general product build-up. Extended duty cycles, from six months to two years, have been established on equipment that historically fouls in 30-45 days. Enhanced cleaning efficiency of process equipment is experienced when shutdown and cleaning do become necessary. Hydroblasting, chemical or mechanical cleaning time is decreased. Due to the micro smooth nature of the electropolished wetted surfaces cost of cleaning operations are greatly reduced.

Fin-Tech’s Advanced Electropolish can be successfully applied to the following metals and alloys: Stainless Steel, Alloyed Carbon Steel, Cupronickel, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy.


Mechanical polishing is an operation designed to prepare a metal surface for electropolishing or to satisfy non-critical surface roughness requirements. Under magnification, mill finishes, welds and other surfaces have differing surface characteristics. Mechanical polishing reduces all surface ridges, pits and discrepancies to provide a homogeneous appearance and roughness.

Mechanical polishing is accomplished by utilizing abrasive materials on rotary equipment. This can be achieved by hand held tools for difficult to access or unusually shaped parts or automated process for larger areas depending on project requirements. To achieved a polished surface, a series of abrasive grits are applied in a successively finer sequence until the desired finish or surface roughness is achieved.


In many cases, project specifications for final finishes will require a combination of the mechanical polishing and electropolishing processes.

Field Service

Here at Fin-Tech, we understand that some jobs may be too big to ship to our facility. This is why we offer our field service that can be accomplished worldwide. Our field crew will travel to a fabricators facility, the end user facility, or to a plant during a turnaround period to be sure that our customers are receiving the quality finish Fin-Tech has been doing for 40 years.

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